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Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

The organization and storage of the crafts room are an essential part of crafting due to the supplies left in a dilemma – it can leave you feeling bland and uninspired. However, when you have a crafter living with you, they sometimes find it bad to tidy the space. Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you are well organized, but there are various ways to change the habits that can help you make the room look the same as you want. Here are must-follow ideas to help you rethink your room decoration regarding storing, arranging, displaying, and using your supplies.
Craft Room Renovation

Label Wicker baskets for storing crafts

Craft room organization doesn’t have to be ugly or dull, but space needs to be blended with the other decorative ideas that perfectly enhance every corner. For instance, if your space needs to be more natural or rustic, you can consider labeling and organizing supplies in the wicker baskets inside your craft room while considering those ideas.

Use a pegboard for vertical storage

Are you considering adding a pegboard? But you must not be aware that those are highly functional to keep supplies well organized, and they can be decorative. With the motive to make your pegboard stand out from the plain ones you must have seen in the garage or workshop, you can start with painting them with an attractive color that well-coordinates your craft room.

You can even frame the whole pegboard with the use of smaller outlines to section off the groups with the craft supplies.

Redraft a closet space into a craft room

With limited space in your home, you don’t need to have a designated craft room, but you can consider turning it into a closet in your crafting space. You can even build a desk within, prefer shelving, and various other items to create an organized craft space that goes well with your needs. Be sure to use all the closet’s vertical space with the bins available on the high shelving, and then simply close the closet door when you are all done with crafting to use the room for various other purposes. 

Repurpose an entryway wall organizer

Various home organization products can work well for your craft room, even if they are suitable for various other places. For instance, you can consider an entryway wall organizer in your craft room and use that space to hang keys or important stuff. However, you can hang scissors on the hooks in the craft room while utilizing the compartments for various other supplies.

Consider Adding multiple shelving units

When organizing a craft room, you can consider using every nook of your space and then choose a wall that works well for installing a designing wall unit. It can allow you to keep all of your supplies at a definite spot well-organized and free up the rest of the corner for your actual skill work. For that, open shelving can be used for various decorative purposes, while closed shelving can hide items that are not visually appealing and attractive.

Use dining room furniture with better ideas

For a graceful craft room, consider adaptation of an old dining room hutch or cabinet – these can be great craft supply storage units to give a fresh look to your space. You can even paint or stain the cabinets to fit the decoration ideas of your craft room with the use of baskets and other storage containers to keep the items well-organized within the cabinets. If the cabinets are available with drawers, make sure to use their dividers to organize supplies along with the markers and the paintbrushes.

Keep craft supplies in separate containers

For better organization, you can even consider keeping each type of crafting thing in a separate container to get the ease of reaching them when needed. For instance, instead of storing markers and colored pencils together, you can use a jar to ease things you need while working.

It will allow you to easily grasp the supplies you need for your project without taking along the supplies you don’t want to use or need rarely.

Repurpose a jewelry holder for craft supplies

Jewelry holders can work great to store the things that get misplaced easily, and they can keep the things within reach when you need them. For instance, a wooden jewelry holder works great to hold tape, and you can even find them when you need them while working on your DIY projects. Keep it on your work desks for easy access, and it will not take up much space due to their efficient usage of storage.

There are enormous DIY ideas and furniture in your space that you can actually blend with your interior designing themes to keep things organized. These ideas can work great to keep things accessible and well-organized for usage when you need them. Take a look around your space, and use things that you have been using for storage purposes.