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Common Mistakes Made With Living Room Design Ideas

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Manmohan Kumar

26 November, 2020

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People creating living room design ideas spend ample time studying the little details that make the room look perfect. Just like the director make efforts to make a beautiful movie.

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Avoidable Mistakes in Living Room Design

The well-decorated living room is essential because it is the house’s center; it should be enhancing and impressive, familiar, and safe. The high-end custom home builders, along with experienced interior designers, can give a captivating look to your living room. The common living room design ideas mistakes the owner makes are discussed below:

1. Choosing The Wrong Sofa

The basic decoration of living room design ideas starts with a sofa selection. It’s has been noticed owner will renovate their homes but do not change the sofa.

The reason behind they don’t replace the sofa because it’s not old and they don’t mind to keep in the living area. So, the owner should understand that they can’t get the room they dream of with the old sofa. Many people don’t have any idea of purchasing the right sofa.

The genuine things the owner should pay attention to while purchasing the sofa are:

  • Consider the sofa seat height (with the low seat, the individual feels discomfort to get in and out of).
  • Before purchasing, make a furniture floor plan. Buying accessories for side tables are a great idea but never for a sofa.3

2. Living Room Design Ideas

Another mistake the owner makes while purchasing the decorating stuff from the showroom is – falling into the showroom look. Tempting lights and attractive decorations make the individual purchased from the same store. Mixing new with antique elements can make your living room more fascinating, interesting, and eclectic.

3. Purchase Small Size Rug

The frequent mistake that the owner made is – buying a poorly sized rug for living room decoration. During the construction of cheap custom built homes, people made mistakes buying expensive rugs that overcome the living room’s beauty.

Living area always need an 8-by-10-foot rug minimum unless you have a tiny room. Avoid buying a 6-by-9-feet rug. The 4-by-6 feet rug is suitable for next to a bed, entrance, kitchen, but not for a living area.

4. Hanging Art Unsystematically

Hanging art on the wall signifies a movie character wearing a really bad wig. The owner should analyze the living area; if anything looks bad, just rip it off. We might keep searching for the best bathroom remodel contractor near me but have we ever searched for the best interior designer who can guide us about creative ways.

Few people agree that art should be hanging on the eye level, but this statement doesn’t go with every situation. You should not hang the art at eye level if your ceilings are really low and if you are really tall.

5. Overlook The Smaller Items

It’s crucial to pay keen attention to the larger items that take you maximum budgets, such as textiles, accessories, and lighting. But small pieces of decoration are what add personality to the living room. You can guide the high-end builders to make the spaces to light the living room instead of the overhead light. For decorating, purpose floor lamps and table lamps are best for living rooms.