Benefits to Work with Homednb

Benefits to work with homednb

At HomeDNB, ​​we make the home improvement process worry-free. For the homeowner, we select the perfect designer/builder for every project. Our escrow service secures payments and the designer/builder gets paid only on agreed-upon milestones. We research available designers/builders, check their background, reviews and references. HomeDNB will only select designers/builders who are fully licensed, bonded and insured, with a good track record for quality work and fair pricing.

When you work with HomeDNB, here is how it works:

1) Owner submits project details.

2) Our sales rep contacts homeowner (within 24hrs) to discuss project details and other specific needs.

3) Our PM screens and selects perfect firm from our network of firms. Our firms/contractors are fully licensed, bonded and insured with a good track record for quality work and fair pricing.

4) Initial appointment is made during phone call (or email only if homeowner prefers it) for a firm to do a site visit based on agreed upon availability for both parties.

5) After the site visit, firms submit a proposal through our platform.

6) Our PM reviews proposal for fair and accurate pricing and to ensure that it meets the timeline and budget acceptable to the owner. PM will send accept and send the best proposal to the owner.

7) PM will request other proposals from other firm if the the owner doesn’t like the first proposal with a justification.

8) Homeowners will accept or decline the proposal through the system.

9) A Project plan with milestones is prepared and submitted by selected firm through our platform once their proposal is Accepted. (Timelines, Payments, Logistics)

11) Payment schedule and escrow account are set up.

12) Sign contract and begin work.

13) A down payment is made per contract.

14) Payments are made based on agreed upon milestones after concurred with the owner. Our team will reach out to you once your project has been submitted at