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Style Up A Bed With Cushions and Throws – Bedroom Décor Ideas

When decorating your bedroom, it’s easy to focus on the more oversized items, like the headboard or the dresser. However, the bed is also one of the essential parts of any bedroom, and it’s also the part that gets the most use.

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But have you ever thought about what’s the most important thing you can do to spruce up your bed? If not, then let me tell you that many bedroom décor ideas can make your bed stand out, and cushions. And throws are among the most budget-friendly of those accents that can create some great-looking effects for your bedroom.

To make your room feel cozy, stylish, and welcoming, there’s no better way to do that than by dressing up your bed with soft cushions and throws. 

A bed can look and feel incomplete with no cushions or throws, but all you need are these bedroom décor ideas to style up your bed with cushions and throws to complete the look of your bedroom.


Cushions are also great for styling up a bed and are one of the most admired bedroom décor ideas. They’re not just useful for decoration, but they’re also helpful in providing comfort when you rest on your bed. If you don’t want to use your cushions as decorative pieces. Here are some ideas to style up a bed with them:

  • Cushions are a great choice as they come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs.
  • Cushion covers can be changed according to your mood or preference. So it’s easy to update your bedroom each season or whenever you feel like it.
  • You could pick cushions in different colors and patterns that coordinate with your comforter; they make good accents too!
  • You could opt for solid-colored cushion cases if you prefer to keep things simple.
  • Also, think about matching an accent color from your comforter with stripes or even polka dots. This would look amazing in any room, but it works exceptionally well with primarily neutral furniture.

These days, many stores offer various cushions and cover options. Many of them are machine washable too, which makes them easier to maintain. So what are you waiting for? Start by choosing some cushions to style your bed and enhance your home décor. It’s best to select them in colors that match or complement your room’s color scheme. Don’t go overboard—only add one or two per bedside—and play around with patterns, textures, and shades to personalize your space!

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are an easy way to jazz up your bed. Whether you buy one or make one yourself. Throw blankets can help keep your bed warm in cold weather and add a splash of color. And style to what would otherwise be a fundamental piece of furniture. You can pick them up at most department stores or make them yourself

  • Throw blankets typically come in colors and patterns, and sometimes both complement almost any style aesthetic. And don’t require any sewing expertise whatsoever.
  • In general, there are two ways to style up your bed using throw blankets: over your regular blanket or on top of them.
  • If you use a thick blanket over a thinner one, it can add extra warmth without getting too hot or making your bed so thick that it makes it difficult to sit comfortably while reading or watching TV at night.
  • Throw blankets also look lovely draped across your pillows and complement any style aesthetic from casual to formal—though they may take away from the overall clean feel if you prefer minimalism in design.

No matter which way you choose to style up your bed with throw blankets, though, it’s sure to be an easy upgrade for any room in your home! Since their purpose is purely decorative, styling your bed with throw blankets is incredibly simple and fast and can improve the overall appearance of your home

Additional Bedroom Décor Ideas:

Use Ties and Accessories as Accents

Accessorizing your bed doesn’t mean you need to only use cushions and throws. Adding ties, bows, and poufs (like pillows with legs) can also be ways to add interest to your bedroom style. Ties and accessories can add instant style to your bed, so don’t think they have to match or look similar. Thread tie-through buttonholes on top of your duvet cover or quilt (or even clip it around your comforter). Then take your favorite belt and thread it through to create cool loops across your bedding. Have fun experimenting!

Complement The Look With Additional Furniture

These days, you can find all kinds of bedroom furniture that complement a bed covered in cushions and throws. From nightstands to dressers, bookcases to lamps, there are plenty of ways to add additional furniture to your bedroom without crowding it or spending too much money.

Matching Curtains Can Jazz up Bedroom Look

If you want to create a stylish bedroom, you’ll need more than just your bed. Complete the look with matching curtains and dressers, so everything is harmonious. Place decorative items on your dresser to make it stand out, but don’t go overboard—too much stuff will clutter up your space.

Sum Up

The focal point of any bedroom, an attractive and comfortable bed can be an excellent foundation for stylish accents. Despite spring being over and summer well underway, it’s still essential to have an elegant bedroom décor. One way to accomplish that is by investing in cushions and throws. Making sure they’re perfectly coordinated not only gives your room character but also makes you feel instantly more put together when you lay down at night. They come in about every design imaginable, so pick one (or several) that feel cozy while also matching your style.

Hopefully, with the above-discussed bedroom décor ideas, you have gained insights into how you can dress up your bed to take it from boring to beautiful! For more home interior décor ideas, stay tuned to our blog page!