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Warm Up Your Chilly Bathroom With These Winter Bathroom Renovation Ideas

We all look for ways to make our homes seem cozier whenever it comes to enduring wintertime. However, particular areas, such as the bathroom, might be overlooked. It’s one of those home rooms that usually wouldn’t consider warming up unless you use it – we’ve all put our feet on the tiles at some time. And wintertime can be brutal, particularly when it comes to bathroom comforts.
Bathroom Remodeling Services

There’s nothing worse than stepping on chilly flooring in bare feet. Nobody wants to get out of a cozy bed and walk onto a cold bathroom tile.  So, bathroom renovation might be perfect to warm-up your unpleasantly cold bathroom this wintry weather.

However, when you switch on the shower, chilly tile flooring, a frigid toilet seat, or ice water may all contribute to an uncomfortable beginning to a freezing day in the winter season. Would you like to keep your bathroom cozy and welcoming during winter? So, here are some simple bathroom renovation ideas to help you bring a little more coziness into your bathroom space. Our professionals have several recommendations whenever it comes to establishing a comfortable place for your bathroom throughout the year.

Let’s have a look at specific bathroom renovation ideas to make your space more comfortable during the winter

Include a Cozy Rug

The shape of a bath mat does not seem to be shaggy. Incorporate an oriental rug for warmth underfoot in the colder months. The bright hues will also warm up the appearance of the space. Use a rug cushion or rug adhesive to hold the floor beneath any bathroom rug to avoid slips.

Close Up Window and Door Cracks

Perhaps a small one may let a lot of heat go – and frigid breezes enter. And another one of the most helpful bathroom renovation ideas is inspecting draughts with a flashlight or lantern. Simply have somebody standing on either side of your illumination at dark, and if you could see it, during your bathroom renovation cement the area to close the gap.

Change the direction of your ceiling fans

You’re mistaken if you assume your ceiling fan is only for hot, humid days. In the wintertime, reverse the motor so that it spins clockwise, and the fan generates an updraft. This approach can make you feel warmer for longer, allowing you to lower your thermostat and save money.

Heating beneath the floor

Contemplate under floor heating if you’re developing a new home or renovating your bathroom. When install as part of a flooring upgrade, it may significantly impact bathroom comfort. Is the cost of running under floor heating high? Less energy needs and squanders because of the effectiveness of radiant heat and smart home technologies, making it more economical than ever.

Heated Toilet Seat

Toilet technology, formerly consider unique, has gone a long way, and what a difference it has made! You should consider bathroom renovation and upgrade your toilet for maximum comfort and functionality. You can use accessories like this retrofittable bidet spa seat. It is an economic update for year-round comfort. It offers the newest cleaning, heating, and comfort technologies – all at the touch of a button.

Mixers with Thermostatic Controls

This great idea eliminates scorching and the need to wait for the temperature to be precisely right before jumping into the shower. A thermostatic mixer will control the temperature and flow of water base on your chosen formula!

Heaters/Exhaust Fans

While the technology-enhance quality and high might dream up visions of your mother’s 1985 bathroom. It is a technology that is constantly improving and innovating. Ceiling lights that double as a heater or exhaust fan continue to outperform their peers in terms of effectiveness.

Towel Rods with Heat

A heated towel hanging could be as high-tech or low-tech as your room and budget permit. Slimline types can be hardwired in new bathroom buildings or renovations. However, in older houses or where proper ventilation is constrain, a heat towel railing can be “soft-wired” using a three-pin power point connection, allowing for DIY installation. The ideal all-rounder also dries your towels, keeping them warm & ready whenever you need them.

Utilize Warm Colors

Incorporating warm hues into your bathroom during renovation may give a sense of coziness even while raising your mood. Colors such as warmer fall tones or mellow yellows should use. Adding a warm summer touch offers a look & feels that may warm up your bathroom experience. Color can add to your bathroom by painting walls, utilizing towels, wood accents, or introducing gold, brass, or copper decorations. Merely installing wall art depicting a landscape with a beautiful sunset hue might make your bathroom feel warmer and cozier.

Fundamental Effectiveness

Other bathroom renovation ideas are – examine your bathroom windows to check whether they allow chilly air in. Individuals can choose to replace their windows or utilize a watertight filler & sealer, such as silicone caulk, to fill holes around the window frames & jambs. Furthermore, putting a residential window film improves sun management, which results in increase privacy. Merely use a hairdryer to shrink the film to suit the surface of your window. Temperatures can also be raised by adding or improving insulation. Curtains or thick shades will help insulate the space while concealing the sealant patches.


Whether it’s in the sunrise or in the sunset time, your bathroom environment can make or break your mood. Use these methods to say ‘yes’ to cuddle into a refreshingly warm room and ‘goodbye’ to a frigid winter experience. The bathroom renovation ideas listed above, both large and small, can help you quickly warm up a bathroom first thing in the morning.

If you need expert assistance to keep your bathroom warm this winter, contact Homednb to get the job done right! We have vetted hire-on-demand contractors to assist you with making your area as pleasant as possible while staying inside your desired budget!