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Tired of your dull bathroom? These Bathroom Design Ideas Can Help You Style Up

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Manmohan Kumar

24 February, 2022

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The bathroom has always been one of the important spaces in the house, both practically and symbolically. The bathroom is where we take care of our body and soul. So it’s no wonder that people put so much effort into creating an attractive space in this particular room of the house.

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Design Ideas to Style up Your Dull Bathroom

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home. But that doesn’t mean it can’t make a significant impact. Creating an updated and stylish bathroom design that truly reflects your personal style can inspire you to keep everything else in your home looking sharp and new!

It can be the one place in your home where you feel like you can truly relax and unwind after a long day at work or school. But if your bathroom has become uninspiring, it’s easy to find yourself dreading spending time there. It makes it that much harder to relax and enjoy some peace away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside your front door.

Fortunately, though, with these bathroom design ideas, you can style up your bathroom in no time at all to create the relaxing space you want while still preserving your sense of style, too!

Use Bright Wall Colors

If you need a renovated bathroom, one option is to take down your existing wall colors and use brighter colors to perk up your space. If you don’t want to invest too much time or money into a complete renovation. Changing wall colors is an easy way to make an impact on your bathroom design. Choosing a color is an essential part of any bathroom renovation; once you’ve picked out your favorites, you need to think about grout. While some grout colors (like black) may look cool in pictures, they can be hard to live with day-to-day. Before painting over your white grout lines, use paint pens or similar tools to see what’s possible. Otherwise, you could end up regretting your initial choice.

Play with Shapes and Patterns

A great way to modernize your bathroom is to play with shapes and patterns. Plenty of innovative bathroom design ideas can help you take a dull space and turn it into something sleek, sophisticated, and stylish. The key is mixing patterned tiles in all different shapes to create a bold, unconventional look for your bathroom. Try matching circular tiles with square ones in an organic pattern if you’re going for subtle style but want to remain classic. If you want to make a statement, then go for mosaic-like hexagon tiles! It will be one bathroom where guests will spend extra time admiring everything on display.

Think About Grains, Textures, and Finishes

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, it’s all about textures, grains, and finishes. Consider hanging tiles that vary in shade from room to room; it will help tie everything together. Remember not to go overboard with your tile selection: a good rule of thumb is for every four square feet of floor space. You should use many tiles of varying shades and styles. Don’t forget about the ceilings!

Using ceiling tiles can help visually expand a small bathroom and make things feel more spacious. Consider using materials like stone or concrete in terms of texture. These can add an earthy vibe that makes bathrooms look more modern. Finally, experiment with different stains or paints on floors or cabinets to create exciting color schemes throughout your bathroom.

Consider Lighting Options

When it comes to adding a stylish touch to your bathroom, lighting fixtures are one of the best ways to do so. Lighting is vital in any room but especially in a bathroom where we spend much time getting ready for bed and bathing before sleeping at night. If you want to start renovating your bathroom, installing new lighting fixtures can be an easy way to start.

There are many different lighting fixtures that you can choose from, including sleek and modern ones or more traditional ones. All will add a sense of style to your bathroom renovation and make it look new. You can also use the stylish candles in your bathroom, which offer warmth as well as atmosphere. You might even find yourself feeling cozier in your own bathroom than anywhere else in your home!

Wall-Mounted Furniture

Wall-mounted furniture is among the important design items that come to mind when we think about your home’s bathroom. These kinds of staples are necessary components of a sleek, flawless appearance.

Your shower room or bathroom might profit immensely from wall-hung furniture, whether it’s a wall-mounted toilet, a bathtub, or even a sink basin. But why is there so much interest in wall mounts? Take our word for it: people adore this type of furniture for various reasons. For starters, they save room! Having a toilet or sink linked to the walls of your home frees up floor space, making your contemporary bathroom appear more prominent.

Space is a major aspect in bathrooms, whether it’s a modern bathroom design that offers a sense of space or incorporates design ideas to generate extra space, such as a walk-in shower. Consider installing some wall-mounted furniture, such as a sleek mid-century vanity unit. It will undoubtedly convert your shower area into the contemporary oasis of your dreams!

Think About Storage Space

Of all bathroom design ideas, vanities are one of our favorites. A vanity can be placed against a wall or in a corner, and it’s a great place to keep your necessities in order. Today’s vanities come in many shapes and sizes, making them easy to work into your space. It’s just another reason why they’re one of our favorite bathroom design ideas! Some modern vanities have been designed with space-saving functionality in mind. It allows you to maximize every inch of your bathroom without sacrificing comfort. Best yet, modern vanities look good no matter where you choose to install them.

Sophisticated Accessories

Another of our essential bathroom design ideas is to include as many accessories as you like! To avoid going overboard, why not add a few accessories here and there to style up your bathroom design. Many interior design designs include hefty fixtures like vanity units or a feature wall, with the ability to add bathroom décor where suitable. Accessories are personal and may make a contemporary bathroom stand out as your own.

Your house is yours to design, so why not incorporate some unique touches? You may show your personality via your selection of features while maintaining the modern bathroom design you choose. You might consider the fancy lighting accessories but make sure they’re easy on the eyes and don’t create too much contrast. If you want to ponder a chandelier, we recommend saving these fixtures for the bedroom. The bathroom should be about the deals you can get on decorations that will embellish the surface of countertop units and other similar items.

Incorporate Mirrors

If you want to double your bathroom’s square footage, add a mirror. Wall-to-wall mirrors have been popular in bathrooms for many years. The problem is, one of them will give you a distorted view of yourself and your surroundings. Or at least create an optical illusion of some kind—so it makes sense to keep it off-center if possible.

Mirrors also make small spaces feel bigger, so consider hanging one on an angle. Instead of straight across from where you plan to position your sink or tub. And lastly, most modern homes are outfitted with more than one bathroom. So, get creative and strategically place two smaller mirrors to enlarge a single space into something that feels more like two rooms.

Flooring Materials (e.g., ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, carpet)

Tiles are an excellent option for bathroom flooring because they’re easy to clean and come in various styles and finishes. Floor tiles are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and price points. If you want a tile that’s less slippery than ceramic or porcelain tile (and if you have older relatives or children who will be using your bath), consider a safety floor tile with grip bumps on its surface.

Carpeted floors can be a good option if you’re interested in saving money on your next bath remodel. However, remember that pets and kids love bathrooms because they are warm and dry. Keep them out by installing a pet gate and/or bathroom door. Check room temperature before installing the tile. Some types require that any moisture from showering be allowed to evaporate first or delaminate over time due to moisture exposure.

So, if you’re starting to feel that your bathroom isn’t cutting it anymore. It might be time to renovate and freshen up the space into something more inspiring and elegant. These ideas will help you inspire and get your renovation plans moving forward. Well, all the above-discussed bathroom design ideas can help you style up and renovate the space into something great! If you need to hire licensed bathroom remodeling contractors to make your space like a spa retreat, you can contact Homednb!