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Tips To Renovate An Epic Basement Bar – Basement Design Ideas

Creating a basement bar is a dream of everyone who has basements attached to their homes. While it can sound like a huge undertaking, and the project is easier enough than expected – you can say that it is beyond fantastic.

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The basements are ideal when you want to have a bar in your space, and there are plentiful ways to make it better than the upper living areas. Since basements are located under the existing kitchens and bathrooms, you will find ready-to-access electrical wiring as well as plumbing.

Your basement bar project is entirely flexible, but at the same time, it can be daunting if you are going to install a full-scale wet bar. If you think that your basement is a perfect place to add a wet bar, you need to add a sink or consider basement interior design ideas that work.

Elements of a Bar for Basement Redesign:

Bar Fridge

Whether you are going to incorporate a dry or a wet bar, you need to make sure to install a power outlet that can make it easier for you to install a fridge. The cube-sized fridges available with a range of 1.6 to 1.7 cubic feet are perfect when you are using them to keep snacks, mixers, or anything. Whereas if you are going with large compact fridges, make sure to choose the one with 3.1 cubic foot category efficient to hold wine bottles, large beer bottles, and packages of soda or juices. Plus, the larger compact fridges are always available with the small freezers to make it easier for you to get the needed ice.

Bar Sink

Wet bars are incomplete without a sink, and if you are installing a sink, you can actually cycle trays into your compact freezers that are much more accessible than your kitchens. The water is always available for drinks, and you can also rinse off the glasses or plates when needed instead of going back to your kitchens. No matter the size of your sink, most bar owners prefer to keep them small so they can create less mess around.

Bar Unit

All the activities go around the bar unit, and people love to gravitate to any bar furniture type, whether it is a permanent unit where guests can sit comfortably or the smaller bar chart that is extremely large for barware and bottles.


Barstool makes space much more inviting for the guests to linger at the bar with the refreshments. For a full-sized bar, you can install the barstools with a height of around 28 to 30 inches or higher range. Shorter stools, also known as counter stools, are used for a lower unit that includes breakfast bars in the kitchens.

Wine Racks

Wine racks are available in different categories: small racks, two-tier bartop racks, floor-mounted racks, and many others. These can be efficient enough to store around 72 bottles or more according to your requirements. It would help if you can choose the right size depending on the availability of the space.

Wine Cooler

If you want to keep your wine at an accurate temperature, consider adding an electric wine cooler that can keep your wines cooler as needed. It would help to go with under-counter wine coolers to hold between 24 to 45 bottles while maintaining white wines and red wines.


The various homeowners often overlook storage for barware, mixes, and small appliances. If you are going to install a custom bar unit, you can create as much storage as you need when adding drawers and other extra pull-outs. However, if you are purchasing a pre-built bar unit, you need to make sure that it should have one or two shelves to store the items needed.

Small Appliances to be kept in the bar

  • Blender – If you love mixed drinks, you need to have a blender, or if possible, you can choose a stick, hand, or immersion blender.
  • Ice Maker – If you always prefer to have frozen drinks, but you don’t have a bar fridge, you can go with an ice maker to your bars. Make sure to keep them 12 inches wide modern that can easily work with your household current while making 25 pounds of ice in a day.
  • Microwave – A small, 0.6 cubic foot microwave works great to warm up the food when needed. You can even use it to warm up your late-night snacks or popcorn.
  • Coffee maker – When you get up early in the morning and prefer to stay at your basements to stay relaxed, a coffee maker perk is all you need in your bar.


Basements usually are darker areas, which means these spaces are short on natural lights. You can grab the opportunity to install the lighting system you always want to add to your home.  Further, if you have wet bars in your space, you can go with installing under-cabinet lighting to illuminate drink-making operations that also enhances your space.

What is your style for a basement bar?

Before you install any equipment, you need to look around to decide the basement type, look, and feel as it can lead to the efficient functioning of the space. If you have ever imagined having a space for hanging out where you can have all the fun with your friends, a basement can be the option. You can choose the area to renovate as a home theatre, a bar, or a playroom to get your own personal space. Share your ideas with our basement remodel designers, and we can help you convert your dull old basements to a liveable bar you always desire.